Obviously not, as this retarded piece of ignorant hackery proves.

The breathless headline is:

Speaker Boehner: Failing To Raise Debt Ceiling Is Not Even A Question On The Table

Which, obviously, is enough to get anybody with an ounce of fiscal responsibility in their body all riled up, particularly those who might have thought that the ass-kicking of November ’10 was a promise of a return to sanity.

But then we get to read what Boehner actually said. Allowing, of course, for the fact that he might have said something else as well that fell victim to the merciless cutting room floor, but we only have the “article” to go by:

Speaker of the House John Boehner appeared on Fox News Sunday and Chris Wallace grilled him on the seriousness of threats to shut down the government or to not raise the debt ceiling. Perhaps scared of “playing with fire,” Boehner agreed defaulting on the country’s debt would mean a financial disaster and claimed “I don’t think it’s a question that’s even on the table.”

So what he actually did say was that “defaulting on the country’s debt would mean a financial disaster.”

Now somebody explain to us, kindly, how “failing to raise the debt ceiling” is, in every way, the same as “defaulting on the country’s debt.” Because otherwise that article’s headline makes no sense whatsoever which, we suppose, is what you ought to expect from morons who were too hopelessly under-endowed in the intelligence department to get a real degree and had to make do with “journalism” instead.


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By Emperor Misha I

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