You know, with this whole Egypt thing that we’ve kind of sort of following out of the corner of our Imperial Eye.

We mean, we know we’re far too simplisme (for the likes of Jacques ChIRAQ anyway) and that we lack the vital nuancing skills that seem to mean “whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t make an actual difference”, but it seems quite simple to us.

Correct us if we’re wrong. The Muslim Brotherhood are staging violent riots, uprising and revolts because they don’t much like this whole civilization thing with all of its indoor plumbing, bans on raping your first cousins etc. For those who’ve been sleeping in class, the Muslim Brotherhood are among the Original Bad Guys™, the proto-pisslamofascists that got the whole “back to the middle ages” ball running among the followers of Muhammed the Pedo-Prophet.

The one they’re trying to oust, so they can bring Egypt back to the lovely days of savagery that other highly successful nations such as Afghanistan and the Sudan are currently enjoying, is Hosni Mubarak who, granted, isn’t high on our Christmas Card list but who does have the whole “Not a Barbaric, Savage, Pisslamofascist Cave-Dweller” going for him.

So, really, where’s the holdup? No, Hosni isn’t exactly a paragon of democracy but, hey, at the risk of repeating ourself, he’s also not likely to be an active backer of plots to set off nukes in Lower Manhattan.

Yes, we also know that he hasn’t been near as hard on the pisslamofascists in his country as we’d like, he’s been straddling the fence trying to avoid pissing off anybody by pissing off everybody, and look how that’s working out for him.

So, once again: Why is this so far beyond anybody’s ken to figure out a proper response to, because we’re not seeing it.

We send in the guys with the big spanking sticks, help Mubarak eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood and their buddies and then, once the dust has settled, we’ve reinstalled one of our puppets safely, we’ve gotten rid of a shitload of subhumans who should have been gotten rid of a long time ago AND we can place a note with “YOU OWE US FUCKING BIG TIME, HOSNI-BABY!” on his desk.

Downsides? We mean, other than the usual “child-murdering, fanatic, savage pisslamic subhumans are people too and we mustn’t hurt their feelings or their ‘rights'”, because that one you might as well not bother committing to type.



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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