Just a short comment on LC Jackboot’s excellent post about the upcoming battle and, among other things, Sarah Palin.

This isn’t about our “preferred” or “ideal” candidate, we haven’t picked on yet, it’s just a short observation on battlefield reality.

One of the issues that come up time and again among good conservatives is that we must avoid fielding a candidate who is “too divisive” as such a candidate will be savaged by the Obamedia, thus putting us at a disadvantage.

We understand the fear, but the argument doesn’t make any sense, particularly not now that the Obamedia have fully and openly, without even the slightest attempt at pretense, vested themselves in the re-election of their Jugeared Messiah.

It doesn’t matter who we field, he or she will be subjected to a massive pile-on by OPFOR. We should all have learned that from ’08, when we fielded the most milque-toast, nadless, indecisive, “loved by the media” candidate of the primaries.

If finding a candidate who will not be viciously and endlessly smeared, slandered, libeled and savaged by the Obamedia in ’12 is the criterion we decide to go by, then we might as well cede the battleground and go home to memorize the Internationale.

It’s as pointless as a WWII admiral making convoy plans based on the requirement that, however they’re planned, said plan must guarantee that the Germans won’t use their U-boats.

The DemCong aren’t going to not use their most potent weapon, no matter who we nominate. We could nominate Alan Grayson and they’d still pile on him because he was running against their Master, Ogabe.

Don’t waste time on finding a candidate that is “acceptable” to the Obamedia, there isn’t such a candidate to be found, spend your time instead thinking about finding a candidate who won’t be put on the defensive by their inevitable onslaught, and think also about ways to counter their efforts. Spending a bit of time wondering about how to use their own methods against them would also be a good idea. Just ask Patton.

The Obamedia, although they most certainly still have the upper hand in the infowars, are on the defensive now and, keep in mind as you recoil from divisive candidates, their brazen lies are beginning to backfire more and more. The louder and more shrill they get, the more it is turning off the average Mr. and Mrs. America, as their Tucson Fuckup proved.

Who knows. Maybe fielding somebody who will drive them truly apoplectic is the single best weapon we have?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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