We’re sure this too is wholly unrelated to the Occupy Whatever mob of violent, crazed vandals.

Really, you puling pissant craven cowards? Pushing granny down the stairs for “social justice”, are we? That’s one heck of an “army” Reichsführer Ogabe’s got himself there. All of the conscience of a mob of SA brownshirts with none of the muscle to back it up.

Are you sure you want to go there? Forget about that last, because it’s obvious by now that you already have.

You keep toying with bringing about a confrontation, most likely thinking that it will get you a shitload of good press.

Well, it might. G-d knows that the so-called “press” of this country would cheer wildly for anybody shouting about “social justice” and backing Chairman Ogabe, even if they were caught raping their way through an orphanage, but that’s not all it’s going to get you. To put it more bluntly: You’re fucking with forces that your feeble, pasty, basement-dwelling, pierced little whiny selves cannot even begin to comprehend, and you’re about to get what you fucking well asked for.

Kent State is going to look like a minor disagreement compared to what you lot have set a collision course for.

Good luck enjoying the press coverage when you’re stacked like cord wood in body bags in a local warehouse.

We’re beginning to think that maybe His Imperial Majesty should make a trip down to the local Occupy encampment, just to keep an eye on things. We’ve avoided doing so because we really can’t stand the smell, not to mention the thought of being in the vicinity of life forms with an IQ that would make a tapeworm look like Stephen Hawking by comparison, but we suppose we can do what we used to do in the past, which is to rub a bit of tooth paste on our upper lip.

And bring toys. Lots of toys. We have a big trunk, so if you sniveling shits were to start something, we’d have enough to supply anybody with a moral compass who’d like to lend a hand in cleaning out the gene pool.

You think your only problem is law enforcement, knowing that they, no matter how badly they want to shut you whiny fucks down, are tied up in so much red tape that nothing will come of it if you start a riot. At least not until you can retreat and regroup before the next act of random violence against innocents.

But you forget one tiny little thing: Citizens, at least citizens in states that are still free, are under no obligation to wait for the intervention of law enforcement if they perceive a threat to the life and limb of themselves or others. Pay close attention to that last part. You might, given your “movement’s” history, also want to know that rape, attempted or otherwise, falls in that category.

Again: “Or others.” Or “third parties”, if you prefer. Meaning any fucking body that a reasonable person might think was in danger of death, serious injury or rape.

Are you feeling us yet?

What we’re saying is that if you try that kind of shit in a free state, you can forget about waiting for The Man to show up in uniform, read you your rights, clap you in irons and shove you into a squad car while you shout “no justice, no peace” with the cameras flashing all around. The only flash you’ll see is the one caused by a high velocity round passing through your cranial cavity. And there won’t be a fucking thing your comrades can do about it, other than cry on each other’s shoulders while the Good Samaritan is given a no-bill.

Are you sure you want to keep pushing? Because once you pass that line, there’ll be no turning back, and we rather think that your disorganized mob violence shtick is going to come up short when faced with highly organized, well-aimed and disciplined counter-violence.

Our advice to you, and we really do hope that you’ll follow it because, no matter how much we despise you, we’d rather not have to go there, is to take a deep breath and think about what you’re asking for. You might just get it.

If you want to shout, scream, wave puppets and prefabricated union signs around, go right ahead. That is your right as citizens of this nation that you clearly do not appreciate. But it is your right nonetheless and we will fight to preserve it, no matter how disgusting we may think that you are.

But once you pass into violent territory, we will also, with equal vigor and determination, fight for the rights of innocents not to be harmed up to and including the point where we might have to employ lethal force to stop such harm. And most of us have already been conditioned to the point where we won’t hesitate to do so if necessary. It is a dark, scary, cold and lonesome place that none of us want to visit, but we’ve already got the stamp in our passports so we can go there if we have to.

We have that knowledge, most of us would rather we didn’t, but we have it nonetheless.

You don’t.

You have no bloody fucking IDEA what you’re pushing for, but you’re pushing pretty damn hard at this point.

Don’t do this. Please. Don’t push that switch. Don’t flick on the Machine.

For your own sakes, for all of our sakes, don’t. I don’t want it turned on, and you sure as HELL don’t, even if you’re too ignorant to know it by now.

Make noise, bang your drums, wave your signs, no problem.

But don’t, for the love of G-d, don’t ever threaten the life, limb and property of innocents ever again, because once you pass that line in the sand where you become A Threat™, it will be too late.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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