Also, I really need to get on top of this inbox of mine so emails like the one I just got from Azy won’t go unanswered for this long. Azygos, brother, I’m sorry I didn’t get around to it until today, but this is when I first saw it.

Azygos and his wife, as so many others, have hit on some exceedingly hard times as the employer they contracted with decided not to pay them for six months worth of work. As a result, they’re both flat broke and, being self-employed, have nowhere to turn to. And when I say “flat broke”, I mean as in “no money for food or gas.”

Obviously, prayers would be most welcome, but if you can find a few rusty shekels under the sofa cushions, those would be very welcome too.

Just put in “For Azy” if you use the Donate button on the left sidebar and it will get to them.



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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