We all deserve some good news these days, so here they are:

PRINCETON, NJ — A record-low 26% of Americans favor a legal ban on the possession of handguns in the United States other than by police and other authorized people. When Gallup first asked Americans this question in 1959, 60% favored banning handguns. But since 1975, the majority of Americans have opposed such a measure, with opposition around 70% in recent years.

Mind you, this is a Gallup poll, so the actual percentage of Americans favoring a ban on handguns is likely closer to 0%, their usual bias in favor of liberal causes and politicians taken into consideration, but we’ll take the 26% and love it anyway.

Which certainly goes a long way towards explaining why no liberals are wailing, whining and howling about handgun bans these days.

Why this swing? Probably it has to do with the unassailable fact that absolutely none of the “inevitable” orgies of death and destruction with blood flowing in the streets have followed loosening restrictions on handgun possession anywhere in the nation. “Inevitable” according to liberals, that is. As a matter of fact, crime has gone down everywhere that citizens have been allowed to own and carry handguns, which is a mystery to absolutely no one other than liberals.

Even one of the NSDWP’s most faithful constituencies, violent criminals, know that the prospects of a life of violent crime are slightly less rosy when your victims might greet your “redistribution of wealth” efforts with a bunch of hot lead to the face.

Another reason for the swing in public opinion may be that Americans are waking up to the fact that they need guns to protect themselves from the Mexican drug cartels that Ogabe and Holder have been arming fast and furiously.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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