I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time lately catching up on my reading. It seems we’re assaulted daily with more moronical ideas and tyrannical plans. The latest being something that was entirely predictable since we knew Ogabelini really, really wants to be just like his pal Hugo “The O Gave Me A Blow” Chavez. All of a sudden like the spoiled infant he is, he’s decided to use ‘special’ executive powers to bypass the Constitution and Congress. The TOTUS has now transmogrified himself into DOTUS, Dictator-in-Chief. We Can’t Wait, which really means I don’t need no stinking Congress to actually legislate my brilliant plans. They can’t even begin to understand my master plan of changeitude, after all I AM the smartest person anywhere, anytime or anyplace. The peasants have been squelched and what’s my tee time today?

This will end poorly, mark my words pups. This just might be the catalyst for that last box.

Too much loss of blood through my eyes. Enough already. So how about a few minutes of recreation?

So we’ll provide some linky love below along with declaring a mid-week OPEN THREAD.

Plains Milky Way from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

Awesome video huh?

BTW-Rangers in Six.

Enjoy and do Carry On-

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