In response to the latest poll results showing Cain 10 percentage points ahead of Mittens “I Can’t Have Illegals, I’m Running For President, For Pete’s Sake!” ObamneyCare (37%-27%), Allahpundit (UNEXPECTEDLY!) suggests that we all follow Ann Coulter’s advice and “reward” Cain with the VP spot on Mittens’ ticket:

If Cain does win Iowa and, maybe, South Carolina, why shouldn’t he be on the ticket?

He certainly should. At the top of it, which is where you usually place your front runner unless you’re blinded by the immaculate hairstyle of a RINO in trouble.

He’s said he’s open to the idea of being VP; as the winner of two key early primaries, he’d be the preferred candidate for a lot of key Republican voters. He’d bring regional, religious, and racial diversity to a ticket with Romney. And as a Beltway outsider who connects with blue-collar voters, he’d defuse some of the Democrats’ attempts to demagogue Romney’s wealth.

And in return for all of that he’d get the wholly ceremonial pander position of VP so RINOs everywhere can claim that they take the Tea Party seriously while making abundantly sure that not one iota of their policy proposals will ever become actual, what’s the word again?, policy.

What’s not to like?

His Imperial Majesty’s own proposal follows Bill Quick’s closely, so we’ll just quote him:

How about a Cain-Romney ticket? How about we ram that down your Gentry GOP throats?

We’d use a different bodily orifice for insertion but, hey, we’ll take that proposal.


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By Emperor Misha I

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