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EAST NAPLES — A clerk at a landmark East Naples corner store shot and killed a man Tuesday as he attempted to rob the family-run shop and flee with her 1-year-old daughter.

It’s that whole “getting between a mother and her child” thing again. The single most dangerous place you’ll ever want to find yourself in.

Around 3 p.m. a man entered the store, 2802 Thomasson Dr., “acting erratically,” Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jamie Mosbach said.

As the man made for the front door with the child, Easterly did just as she had been taught — she drew a gun and aimed for the would-be robber’s knee, Ackerman said.

Hey… Wait up there for a second. She’d been taught to aim for the robber’s knee? CENTER MASS, for crying out loud! Not to mention that the robber’s knee, unlike the center of his worthless torso, would be a whole lot closer to the stroller and its occupants but, hey. Seriously, though. Training FAIL on display here. Thankfully, the story ends on a wonderful note:

The man was transported to NCH Downtown Naples Hospital. He died from his injuries.

And the Baby Jesus smiled.

The Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation. It is unclear if Easterly could face criminal charges in the shooting.

For what?



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