Nice ad, if you ask us:

Found it at Ace’s, whose response to it is the usual Allahpundit/Ace boiler plate:

“Who cares? Everybody knows about this already, so what’s the point in pointing it out?”

Which translates, roughly, into “LEAVE MITTENS ALOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!”

But that’s just our take.


Clarifying Remark: The “RINO Traitors” tag refers to Mittens Romneycare and nobody else. We disagree with Ace/Allahpundit on their “pragmatism”, but there is one thing that they can never be accused of, and that’s sweeping shit under the rug. They never ever hesitate to publish information that might hurt their “inevitable candidate”. Yes, they post their own personal opinions along with that, but that’s the whole friggin’ point of having a website, isn’t it? We report, you decide. That’s honesty, and we respect that.

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By Emperor Misha I

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