When it comes to abortion those of us siding with life are always accused of preferring to murder the mother, regardless of the simple fact that the vast number of abortions aren’t performed to save anything but the convenience of the mother.

If you truly are in a position where you can either save the mother or the child, then His Imperial Majesty is in no way qualified to say which is the “right choice.” When you’re faced with two choices that are both horrid, we don’t even want to pretend to know which is the right one.

But if you think that there is only one “right” choice in that situation, we invite you to read this story.

Does this mean that it is always right for the mother to sacrifice herself for her child? No, it doesn’t. But it does show us that the liberal cookie cutter method of making every decision the same, no matter what, is retarded and inhumane.

Stacy’s choice was Stacy’s and Stacy’s alone.

But to equate the emotional anguish she went through to reach that decision to choosing to murder an unborn child because it would interfere with the pregnant mother’s social schedule is an abomination.

Stacy chose to die so that her baby might live. I’m not saying that that’s how every mother in her situation should choose, I do not have the right nor can I even imagine what she went through, I’m just saying that perhaps it’s time that our society started making a distinction between using infanticide as a fall-back option when you couldn’t be arsed to spend a couple of bucks on a box of condoms and using it to save a mother’s life.

Just saying, is all.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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