Being the TV addict I am, I can’t help but notice the AARP is pushing a new round of ads demanding ‘status quo’ for medicare and medicaid programs. Obviously they’re threatening the Super Committee with the votes of seniors. Obama stole half a trillion of medicare funding for general Obamacare programs and now the Super Committee is charged with budgeting for this loss without any changes to the current system. Obama consistently sides with AARP on this issue, so his real stance is quite different from his actions. It’s just another deceit out of this administration. The real issue here is what I see as a rapidly increasing problem with the AARP trying to increase it’s bottom line to the detriment of the folks they purport to represent. The AARP makes about 3 times the revenue from royalty payments by third party insurance companies that sell policies using their name, as from membership dues. In turn the AARP uses this massive windfall to steer the senior vote in a direction beneficial to them, not their members. Over the decades as AARP’s influence grew, they developed a voting bloc similar to a labor union, threatening the country with the votes of the 30-odd million seniors. They are responsible in a large part for the creation of the supposed ‘Third Rail’ of politics, such that social security, medicare and medicaid became untouchable, the political leper colony of government policies.

I am more than sick to fucking death hearing this over the last few decades. We must pander to the senior votes, we must not change anything, anywhere or anytime with the word Social Security in it, because the left will use it against us. While creating this seemingly monolithic voting bloc of the “I don’t give a fuck as long as my check is in the mail and not a penny less” crowd. I for one refuse to believe conventional wisdom that our retiree community is really all that much of a single-issue bunch. I believe that they’ve been scared shitless by the heartless guile of the left. The GOP has tried all along to attempt to get this ponzi-scheme under control with some sort of reform, while the left just jacks grandma into believing those eeevil people are going to take away your check.

Shame on us for letting this bullshit become institutionalized, shame on those turning citizens into Pavlovian dogs that scream at any and all discussion about reforms, and shame on some of the retirees for believing they were going to get out of any system a LOT more than they paid into it. Yes many, many, many have received absolutely that, but like all ponzi-schemes, it only continues when new players, in increasing numbers enter the game. That’s where common sense should make folks believe that the program is absofuckinglutely unsustainable. Not so here. We’ve let this all succumb to demagoguery in the name of politics that’s pushing it over the cliff. I just want to put a round through my awesome HD TV when I see that more of the same is coming in the ’12 race.

Leading the charge into insolvency is the cocksnarfs at the AARP, blatantly lying about their interests. If they really decided to be honest with their members, they would use their influence to bring truth into the discussion and legitimately work for reforms to these programs, instead of passing yet another horrific burden on their grandchildren and great-grandchildren maintaining status quo. Interestingly enough (h/t-Misha), the AARP can be directly compared to a union. They (AARP) forces their members into believing that they’re the only outfit looking out for them. Once they’ve joined the money is diverted to whatever the bosses want to do with it, like maxxing out donations to deadocrats and backing causes that the membership at large would never agree to. Seniors that really see through this bullshit should immediately cancel their membership. Come on folks, do you really, really need that discount at restaurants, as many already offer their own?

Stay at it you lying bastards, some day those checks will flat.stop.the.end and we’ll be right here handing all the folks you’ve lied to, along with your fellow travelers on the left that have supported those lies, the rope to hang your asses. No worries, you’ll have lots of company up there, LOTS.

These fucks need to brought to rein, before it’s too late and that time grows short.

[Update: A HUGE tip o’ the hat to franklaughter for posting this link in his comment: House GOP Exposes AARP, a very well written piece on this very topic.]

-Carry On

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