Other than him being a drooling, fucking, bigoted moron, that is. Unless he can point to specific instances of “cultish” behavior on the part of Mormons, of course, in which case we might, might reconsider.

Of course, it wasn’t about the preacher, it was about the preacher apparently having introduced Gov. Perry which, for one reason or another, supposedly means that Perry hates Mormons. If you figure that one out, let us know because we’ve got nothin’.

It is, we suppose, yet another attempt by the Mittens Obamneycare wing of the party trying to play their version of the race card. If you’re a Christian and don’t support Mittens, then it’s because you’re a horrible bigot who only denies Mittens your vote because he’s a Mormon which, if you ask this particular evangelical Christian, is just about the dumbest thing we’ve ever heard since Decca turned down a bunch of long-haired rock’n’rollers back in the 60s because they obviously weren’t ever going to amount to much. You may have heard of them. They were called “The Beatles.”

But since we’re on the subject of the Religious Bigotry Inherent in the GOP System which is the only thing keeping poor Mittens Romneycare from winning the primaries in a landslide, we’re really getting bloody sick and tired of hearing about it. Every once in a while some obvious ass-funnel says something utterly dense about Mittens’ Mormonism and we’re treated to howls of outrage for weeks on end about “religious testing” and “Christian intolerance”, even though we’ve yet to see anybody take the time to actually ask the rest of us sectarian Christian bigots what we think about it.

Compare those utterly horrid and allegedly pervasive attacks on poor Mittens to the insane, irrational, foaming at the mouth attacks from liberals and libertarians alike every single time a mainstream Christian is discovered to actually believe in what our own faith teaches us. Within hours of a mainstream Christian candidate for anything being caught using the word “G-d” in public, we’re instantly inundated with a deluge of delusional, paranoid attacks on said unfortunate, claiming that her or his having touched a Bible in public without washing hands afterwards is clear “evidence” that the candidate is a theofascist, dominionist fanatic who, like every other Christian in this country, is working hard every day to reinstate the Spanish Inquisition and force everybody to memorize the Bible at gunpoint.

Which, if it were true, would make Christianity the single most inept religion to ever exist, seeing as how we’ve been around in this country since its founding and yet, even though we’ve never made up less than 90% of the population, somehow still haven’t managed to force everybody to go to church even once a year.

Clearly, we’re doing something wrong.

Or maybe the twats horrified every time we state, publicly, that we’re Christian and that, yes, we do believe in Jesus Christ (Christian, Christ, see the connection there?) are just run-of-the-mill schizophrenic paranoiacs.

What we’re trying to say to the retards constantly howling about Christian “bigotry” is: Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. We’re used to the shit, so kindly cease and desist with the persecution nonsense. It’s only making you look rather foolish.

We don’t whine about it 24/7, though. Sure, we do like to point it out every once in a while. If nothing else then to illustrate the blatant hypocrisy of our detractors, but we’re not overly concerned that we are facing any sort of real threat from you. The Roman Empire had a real boner for getting rid of us, and they held all of the aces back then, yet where are they now?

You’re a bunch of insecure, paranoid wankers but, thankfully, there are medications that can help you with that.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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