And televised, and televised, and televised.

Please merciful G-d above, could we pretty pretty please not have another fawning, adulating Make Believe Media segment about the “Occupy [whatever]” douchenozzles being bused in from everywhere on George “Nazis are a Boy’s Best Friends” Soros’ dime? A sane human being can only stand listening to you airheads comparing a smelly bunch of terminal losers crapping on the sidewalks to the Founding Fathers so many times, after all.

“Democracy in action?” Why sure. If by “democracy” you mean wandering about aimlessly protesting everything, and those are the ones intelligent enough to have even picked something they’re actually protesting, vandalizing private property, banging loudly (and arrhythmically) on drums, defecating on police cars and holding up traffic.

In which case we’re beginning to wonder if maybe abolishing “democracy” is such a bad idea after all.

You can say a lot about the Gulag Peninsula, forced institutionalization of dissenters and “disappearances” in the middle of the night, but at least back in the day you could traverse Red Square without slipping in some stinking hippie’s excrement. Just saying is all.

Now, if the “Occupy [who gives a shit]” crybabies would take a shower, put on tricorn hats, stand around for an hour waving Gadsden flags and then clean up after themselves and go home, on the other hand…

Yeah, that’s right. Those would be “dangerous extremists”, “Nazis”, “raaaaacists” and “domestic terrorists” according to the same MBM currently creaming themselves trying to come up with praise and worship for the drum circles in DC.

Then again, on second thought, we take it all back. By all means continue to fill every broadcast hour with footage from those spoiled, worthless brats having a temper tantrum, especially now that resident Ogabelini has come out expressing his sympathy for them.

The more the American people is exposed to the shenanigans and true nature of Obumfuck’s True Believers and core constituency, the better.

In the meantime, we will make this concession: Something momentous has been achieved: Something or somebody has managed to drag the smelly snots out of their mommies’ basements, something we were previously convinced would take a SWAT-enforced eviction notice.

If their parents have any sense, they won’t miss this golden opportunity to have all of the locks changed.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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