Just in case you didn’t think the fucking anarchists calling themselves “Occupy Wallstreet” actually had a discernible agenda. You found one here, it’s called E.V.I.L. This is an unholy alliance of unions, alleged students, moveon.org all organized by our old commie bastard friend, Van Jones. Now with the unions becoming actively involved violence is assured.

Are you surprised this cocksucker is grossly Anti-Semitic as well as a pretentious little fuck?

This just might be the beginning of what we’ve long feared, the last stand our generation will be called upon to make.

By the way, this pole-smoker loves “me”, another proof positive of all leftists. They love themselves soooo much, they’ll do anything to anyone else to get what they want. Selfish evil people, void of humanity and viciously vain, fearing that they might not be of consequence. This one will go down in the history books, it still remains to be seen what the title of this chapter will be.

This needs to get spread far and wide, the sleeping public must see what is going on and the LSM once again either takes a pass or assists the ’cause’.

This one worries me, a LOT.

I just happened across this one, a perfect bitch-slapping of these bastards: A Letter To The NYC Protesters David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner winds up for a mighty swing at these bastiches. Jeez but I love a good spanking of Idiotarians, a title they richly deserve in their lattes.


-Carry On

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