But, seriously, you really need to start thinking before you open your mouth.

And we don’t mean to sound condescending, because we really do like you. We like your no-nonsense attitude, we like your proposals regarding how to start digging our nation out from under decades of socialist and RINO (but we repeat ourself) misrule, and we think you’d make a pretty damn good leader to get behind, we really do.

But there are some things you need to learn if you want to survive prime time, and the first rule you need to learn by heart is: If the MSM write an article stating that the sun rises in the east, check with at least three independent sources before you commit to an opinion on their statement. They are NOT your friend, and if they say anything at all about somebody to the right of Che Guevara, it’s most likely a flat out lie. Actually, what they say about Che Guevara and anybody to the left of him is a lie too, so let us just stick to one basic rule here: The MSM lie. It’s all they do, it’s who they are, and they. are. not. your. friends.

Nor should they ever be regarded as a source of credible information. Ever. Not ever. As in “from this point in time until the universe dies.”

So when the Washington Compost is quoted by Al “I Hate the Jooos” Sharpton, you would probably be better off not taking an incoherent, illiterate, grammatically raped word out of his mouth at face value. You would certainly be better off when said guttural noises quote an MSM attack on a fellow conservative and, let’s be blunt here, you’ll really fuck yourself up royally if you then come out agreeing with it.

You’re now officially on the record as agreeing with the Compost’s (and Al Sharpton’s, criminy, AL FUCKING SHARPTON’s) utterly fact-free, made up from whole cloth, baseless “niggerhead” attack on Perry.

Please let us know how well that’s working out for you.

We say this as somebody who, himself, has attacked utterly innocent people based on stupid claims found in the press that we didn’t take the time to research properly, so we know what we’re talking about. But we’re not running for president. We’re already the Emperor of All of the Known Universe (and Outlying Counties), but still the humiliation from fucking up smarts quite a bit.

So don’t think that we’re without sin.

Had it been an isolated incident of you engaging your mouth before your brain had a chance to warm up, it wouldn’t bother us so much. But it isn’t is it? We still remember the palestinian “right of return” fuckup where you felt compelled, for no good reason at all, to speak up on something you had no earthly clue about, and that’s hardly the only time.

Herman, really. Sometimes “I really don’t have a comment on that” is a perfectly good answer.

Yes, we know. Then the MSM will say that you’re “clueless”, but that is the slightest of the insults that they will throw at you if they as much as perceive that you might be a threat to their Once and Future King Ogabe and, besides, to be called “clueless” by liberals is just about the highest honor a man or woman can get. As a matter of fact, if you’re not called at least that, then you’re not doing your job.

At any rate, it beats being called “a fucking flapjawed fucktard.”

By your supporters.

Think about it.

Yours cordially,

Emperor Misha I


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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