Read Allahpundit’s post for the details, he’s the one who’s done all the foot work.

Short version is that Stalker McGinniss published a book through Random House filled, apparently, with utter made up from scratch bullshit, but the clincher is that the barge-arsed fucknozzle was dumb enough to admit as much in emails that were later made public.

Allahpundit is absolutely right that defamation lawsuits are tricky things for public figures, and also right that the Palins have quite a bit of ammo for it given McGinniss’ advanced state of mental retardation in putting his own lack of evidence for his statements on the record. And we also can’t say that we disagree in his analysis when he says that they have, materially speaking, little to gain from an author who’s written a book that is already bombing and quite a bit to lose if their suit fails, not because they’re wrong in claiming that the book is defamatory, but because they don’t quite manage to clear the quite high bar for success where such suits are concerned.

He’s also right when he points out that, should they fail to prove malicious intent and thus “lose”, the take-away in the public eye is going to be “Palin ‘lost’, therefore the book must be true!”.

But he misses one point: At some point we have to start striking back at the concerted, determined, defamatory offensive from the lying left and hit them where it hurts. We have to strike them, and strike them hard, in order to even hope to make it stop. Discretion is the better part of valor in a lot of situations, but at some point you have to stop constantly retreating in vain hopes that you might live to fight another day, because if that is your guiding principle, then you’ll only find yourself on the run for the rest of your pathetic life.

You have to, at some point, draw the line in the sand and declare yourself all in.

Whether this is where the Palins need to do so is their choice, not ours, but they’ll find no lack of support from us if they do.

Of course, ultimately, if somebody like Slimebucket McGinniss were to attack our family like that, there would be no need for lawyers to be involved.

The only motion “filed” from defendant would be:

“Please, no, not in the face. My family would like an open casket funeral.”

The Palins, as far as we’re concerned, could go on a six month killing spree after all of the vicious lies, insults and attacks they’ve suffered from liberals and we would never, ever, not in a million years, vote “guilty” if we were on the jury.

We’re sick of it.

We’re the ones with the force to stop those communist fucks, we’ve given them ample warning, we’ve given them more opportunities to behave like human beings than they could ever earn in a thousand lifetimes, and we’re the ones on the retreat?

Fuck that.

Not one step further. It ends here.

Ni shagu nazad.


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By Emperor Misha I

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