It appears that His Majesty needs to clarify himself a bit regarding his last post, judging by some of the responses.

When I said that Gosnell is not about Roe v Wade I meant it and still do. It’s about a sick, sadistic, greedy, sociopathic animal AND it is about criminal negligence on the part of the government of Pennsylvania.

What I do not mean to say is that Roe v Wade and the entire pro-abortion culture have nothing to do with it whatsoever. It is, of course, quite true that, if it hadn’t been for Roe v Wade, it would not have been as easy for an animal like Gosnell to run his business. It wouldn’t have been impossible, unsafe, inhumane and unsanitary abortionists had been around for quite a while before that (as a matter of fact, in a case of supreme irony, many in the pro-Roe v Wade crowd used that as an argument in favor of legalizing infanticide and still do), but it certainly made it easier for him.

But it wasn’t Roe v Wade that authorized Gosnell to run a butcher shop. What he did was illegal. As illegal under Roe v Wade as it would have been if Roe v Wade had never become law. There’s a very important point there.

Are you going to argue that increasing availability of something is to blame for the actions of the few who make use of this increased availability to commit crimes? If so, you’ve just found a whole bunch of new friends in the Brady Campaign.

It’s also true that the Holy Cow of Abortion which was born out of Roe v Wade was a huge part of the reason why the government of Pennsylvania decided to ignore numerous independent complaints and reports because they were deadly afraid of offending the abortion on demand crowd, and if that meant that a few hundred or thousand babies were to be tortured to death, then so be it.

But unless you’re looking to come up with a defense for the government of Pennsylvania, I would strongly suggest that you think twice about pushing that angle too far. There is no excuse for what they did or, more accurately, FAILED to do. Willingly AND knowingly. Criminal negligence and accessory to mass murder. Period. Full stop. No excuse.

So that’s what I meant.

Roe v Wade is horrible, atrocious law and I will never be truly happy unless I see it repealed and thrown on the garbage heap of history. How the imbeciles who made it law were ever allowed near a bench is beyond the comprehension of sentient beings.

If the horrible crimes of Gosnell and his willing accomplices in the government of Pennsylvania make us, as a nation, start reconsidering our laissez-faire approach to infanticide then that’s a good thing. A wonderful thing.

But the ones on trial here are Gosnell and the government of Pennsylvania.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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