And by “Grand Bargain” he means, as usual: Give Ogabe all that he wants and call it a “compromise.” Then, when it fails (again!), we call all blame the Rethugnicans while utterly absolving Teh One™ of any complicity.

If the president really wants to lead from the front, he should summon the Democratic and Republican leadership, along with all 12 members of the House-Senate deficit “supercommittee,” to join him at Camp David and tell the world that they are not coming back without a Grand Bargain — one that offers some short-term jobs stimulus more Porkulus throwing money at unions who can then launder it and ship it back to the NSDWP, a credible long-term debt reduction plan bunch of empty promises about “spending cuts in the out years” which will never occur with entitlement cuts and tax reform that increases revenues massive tax hikes that will utterly destroy what sad remnants are left of our trashed economy.

Sorry, we had to translate the last bit from Liberal Fascist NewSpeak.

Say… Porkulus II, empty spending cut promises, massive tax hikes… Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like Ogabelini’s “Pass This Bill Now!” Bill?

So that’s what “compromise” looks like in Tommy the Commie’s world.

Color us remarkably unsurprised.

Do I feel that Republicans have tried to make President Obama fail from Day 1? Yes, I do.

Especially during the first two years where the Republican Party of Stupid couldn’t have done a damn thing even if they, uncharacteristically, had shown any sort of desire of governing from the same platform they got elected on but hey, it’s still their fault! How could those obstructionist, Tea-bagging, evil bastards not have supplied Ogabelini with the votes that he couldn’t even wring out of his own caucus???


If you ever find yourself wondering why the New York Slimes is circling even closer around the drain, you need only read a Friedman and Krugman column.

Then you’ll find yourself wondering why anybody would want to pay money for that rotting, lying, DNC fish wrapper.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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