Because we’re quite frankly getting sick and tired of hearing that geriatric old fool who has already done everything he could to hide his considerable assets from any sort of future tax hike, excuse us, “revenue enhancement”, babble about how people like him need to pay more taxes.

Listen, you drooling old hypocritical fuck: If you want to pay more in taxes, all you have to do is to cut a fucking check to the Treasury with or without a bunch of Xs and Os at the bottom. But we all know that you really don’t want to do that, now don’t we? If you did, you most likely wouldn’t have spent years and millions of fees to lawyers hiding your net worth from Uncle Sam, would you?

So cease and desist with the using your non-existent willingness to pay more in taxes as a foil for Ogabe’s Marxist, economy-killing tax rapes. You’re only making yourself and your halfrican Marxist cabana boy look even more stupid.

Don’t you have an appointment with the grim reaper you need to keep?

Do us all a favor and clear a spot on your schedule for him, won’t you?

The only Buffett we want to hear from has the first name of “Jimmy”.

Sod off, you senile wanker. Sod off or put up, because we’re quite frankly getting at least mildly annoyed with your antics.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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