Got an email from LC Orion who, being a bicyclist, was wondering how to combine that with comfortably carrying, and we thought that we’d throw it out there to our panel of Rottie Experts in all things carry. Take it from here, LC Orion:

I’m slowly getting back into cycling. The only problem is that the clothing is not exactly suited for my daily-carry weapon (Kimber Pro-Carry in .45ACP) and I’m not all that comfy with only having my little Taurus PT22 (.22LR – but I use hyper-velocity hollow points), though perhaps that’ll be my best option.

What is the advice of the pack? Is there a decent holster that I can use while cycling? My usual Fobus doesn’t work well without a concealing jacket and my little Uncle Mike’s works, but tends to drag my shorts right off my rump [now there’s a visual — Emp.M.] with it anyplace that works for cycling. I suppose I could squeeze the Taurus there without much trouble, but again, that doesn’t quite give me the secure feeling of a .45.

Should I just stick the Kimber in the under-seat bag and deal with a slow access time?

Advice and recommendations very welcome!


Have at it, pack!

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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