This one is deliberately late since I believe that the post below by Crunchie said all that needed to be said on the day itself.

Never Forgive. Never Forget.

In times long gone by, even that wouldn’t have been necessary, because nobody in this great nation of ours would even dream of doing either. It would be like putting up posters to remind people to look either way before crossing the street.

We don’t live in that world anymore, quite to the contrary.

Today, we live in a world where useless swine like EJ Dionne urges us all that “it’s time to leave 9/11 behind“, where that blathering bovine, Kathleen Parker, scolds us all for all of this “divisiveness” and “anger” and suggests that we, as a nation, need therapy to get over it, and Paul Krugman reminds us, once again, that all of this warmongering was only a result of evil neo-cons trying to “cash in” on the murder of our countrymen. Obviously, to Kluck-Kluck, there was no other reason for us to strike back at those who declared war on us.

And those are just three examples of the rot in our society that has meant that we, ten years after the attack, are still looking at a giant hole in the ground in Manhattan and still haven’t eradicated the pisslamofascist subhumans.

Ten years after Pearl Harbor the world had been at peace for 6 years, three enemy nations lay in ruins, never to rise and threaten us again, and the first generation of kids who had never lived in a world inhabited by Tojo, Mussolini and Hitler were getting ready to start Kindergarten.

Ten years after Pearl Harbor we were celebrating the heroics and sacrifices of The Greatest Generation.

Ten years after 9/11 we still have to listen to liberal, nutless asswipes bemoaning our “jingoism” whenever we suggest that we have a war to win, slandering our men and women in uniform for their alleged “crimes against humanity” when they do their jobs and telling us we should all just get over it before the war has even been won, and we’ve been listening to that since before the dust had even settled over Ground Zero.

And then those of us who will not forget are told that we’re mentally ill, bloodthirsty beasts who, if you think about it, are really the kind of people to blame for our being attacked in the first place. Not Osama bin FishFood, not the 19 murderers, not the teachings of violent pisslam, but those of us who refused to embrace “why they hate us” and who damn near provoked the poor innocent, misunderstood, oppressed poor mooselimbs into declaring war on us and murdering 3,000 innocents.

Somebody needs therapy, alright, but it isn’t us.

As long as extremist pisslam is still being taught outside of hell, as long as there are still cave-dwelling subhumans plotting to murder us, as long as pisslamic fucks can still utter their hatred without being immediately struck down by people afraid of being caught within 50 miles of our inevitable, swift and deadly response, as long as that remains the case we will hold on. We will not yield, we will not relent, we will show no mercy and we will sure as HELL not even think about “letting it go.”

This war will not be over until every last useless sack of pig shit in any way responsible for it is worm food and the mere thought of lifting a hand against us will cause immediate loss of bowel control among those thinking it.

We owe that.

We owe that to the ones murdered on 9/11, we owe that to every single person killed since then in the Long War, our own as well as those of our allies, we owe that to the future of this world because if we fail, then 9/11 will become the new norm, just as fascist totalitarianism would have become the new norm if we’d decided to just “get over” Pearl Harbor.

We owe it to ourselves, because what we will have become if we don’t finish the job, now that will be something to be truly ashamed of.

Never Forgive. Never Forget.


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By Emperor Misha I

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