Seeing as how the subject of today seems to be Cock, these joyous news, brought to us by LC Jaybear, deserve a thread of their own.

Only thing is: What liberal cockweasel is going to be our go-to for vicious mockery now that Bathtub Keef is gone? Who is going to top Keef “Dramatic Hamster” Olberdouche in ridiculous, over the top, downright hilarious histrionics?

Oh well. We’ll get over it, we’re sure. His half a dozen viewers, on the other hand, aren’t coping near as well, tweeting their little hearts out in grief and anguish (thanks, LC Anniee451). Personal favorite? Somehow, Noah Zucker, whoever that dimwit drone might be, declares the absence of “Special Comment” on the airwaves “The End of the Era of Free Speech.” Click on the link to savor the sweet, salty tears of desperation coming from the Short Bus Bloc.

Hmmm… PMSNBC might want to get in touch with Noah. He seems like a perfect replacement for DoucheBoy.

Anyway, feel free to share your favorite DoucheBoy moments in the thread below and, lest we forget, “BrrrrrrrrrrrrrEITbarrrrrrrt!”

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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