That’s what liberal asshats and RINO establishment Mittensbots (but we repeat ourself) are saying about this:

Are you hearing that? Because we’re not. What we are hearing is Mittens OgabeCare saying that Perry’s statement that Social Security, in its current form, is a Ponzi scheme (which is absolutely correct as anybody who can read knows) and extrapolating idiotically, which is what you’d expect from a RINO like Mittens, to saying that this means that Perry wants Social Security abolished altogether (which is absolutely idiotic). All the while promising the American people that he, Mittens, will do absolutely diddly fuck squat to address an issue that is going to bankrupt us in a couple of decades. If we’re lucky.

Somehow that’s a “win” for Mittens. Which, we guess, explains why everybody applauds Perry’s answer while utterly ignoring Mittens’ baseless accusation.

At which point did Perry ever say that he was going to abolish Social Security altogether? We’d like to know, because we don’t remember it at all. Unless we’re to take his opponent Mittens’ word for it, of course, which apparently we are.

Mittens is an idiot as is everybody who thinks that he’d make an even mediocre president. Let’s imagine a scene in a hospital. There is a patient who is not responding well to treatment, as a matter of fact only getting worse, and one doctor is suggesting that maybe the treatment isn’t the right one, that the patient is obviously going to croak unless something is done about it. That would be “Dr” Perry.

Another doctor then blurts out that this is the same as saying that the patient should just be euthanized right away and that the current unsuccessful treatment should continue until the patient dies. That would be “Dr” Mittens.

And the morons still thinking that “Dr” Mittens “won” that exchange should probably stick to playing with their feces and stay home on election day.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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