After having their Great Goreacle’s Glow Bull Worming Scam™ being torn to tatters on an almost daily basis, Kevin Trenberth, John Abraham and Peter Gleick decide to go “All-In” and proceed to stick their shriveled cranks into the nearest solar-powered, CFL-rated light socket, hoping that they’d be able to salvage even an iota of their already-beyond-reprieve reputations.

These 19th-century snake oil salesman are feeling the pressure of a world awakening to their decades-long, multi-trillion-dollar scam and they are running scared, burning their data bridges in a scorched-earth policy that would have made Stalin blush in humility. The broad strokes of their libelous paint brushes would make even the most hardened graffiti artists hang their heads in shame. Don’t believe in their Holy Writ of Man-made Glow Worming™? YOU’RE A HERETIC AND MUST BE BURNED!!! (We can’t have those government “research grants” & “green jobs” dry up, can we?)

For those of you who can afford to (in this Fabulous Obamanomics Utopia™ that we’re all experiencing), please make a conscious effort to emit as many tons of CO2 as you can. As many of you know, The Imperial Dungeon Game Room™ has a substantial “carbon footprint” of its own and has been working as diligently as possible to try and ward off a New & Improved Ice Age™ with massive amounts of Carbonaceous Goodliness=, but there’s only so much we can do, given that Mother Gaia’s hirsute snooch has been wetter than Rosie O’Donuts walking blindfolded through a Lilith Fair fish market this summer. So, in return for some pointy-headed, wannabe-tyrant fuckwits besmirching the good names of some very upstanding, honest-to-goodness scientists, please throw a few extra charcoal briquets on the BBQ or rev your Gaia-killing V-8’s a few times while idling at the Mickey D’s drive-thru.

Remember, It’s For Da’ Chilrennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnz!™


PS: Hey,Trenberth, Abraham & Gleick, if you fucking pussies want to cry “foul”, go fuck yourselves until you’ve stood up in front of the US Congress, on live TV and debated, no-holds-barred, with Dr. Spencer, Lord Monckton, Steve McIntyre, Anthony Watts, et al. We know you won’t do it because cockroaches, such as yourselves, can’t stand to have the light of truth shown on your scams.

We know that the Rev. Watts won’t approve of it, but we can’t help but to wish that you all die in some stinking fucking shithole of a mud hut in some third world country from a disease that you and your ilk prevent from being wiped out because of your Regressive Utopian agenda. Yeah, grab yourselves a handful of “carbon credits” and shove it up your asses.

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