Listen, as His Majesty has said numerous times, Perry is not our ideal candidate but, based on what we know about him, having had him as governor for more than a decade, “he will do.” Barring some miracle entry of somebody who will do even better AND have a snowball’s chance in Hades of gathering enough votes to win, he will do. He’s not Mittens, he’s not even close to being “Substantially, I’m no different from Ogabe” Mittens, and he is sure as fuck not Ogabe.

That doesn’t mean that there is no room for criticism or that criticism of Perry is “not allowed”, because of course it is. We’re not Dhimmicrat Lemmings mindlessly worshiping whoever appears to the The Candidate™, but could we please stick to the actual facts when we criticize our own? It’s not like there aren’t a lot of issues on which one might reasonably and factually disagree with Perry’s record, but really… Perry’s a Dhimmi?

Thus spake Pam Gellar, based on Perry working with some muslim group called the “Ismailis” on educating Texas schoolchildren about islam. No, they weren’t the only ones invited into the room, they were just “the view from the other side”, but apparently that’s all that Gellar needs to brand Perry a Dhimmi, based on an article in, wait for it, that rock-ribbed conservative organ Salon.

Next, she’ll be cribbing notes on how to attack Insufficiently Gellar’ed GOP Candidates from Common Dreams.

So what is this all about, we hear you ask?

Well, Ace went to the trouble of actually reading this horrifyingly “Dhimmi” material that Riq al-Perry is allegedly shoving down Texan kids’ throats in order to prepare them for the Glories of the Ummah™, and we urge you to go read it, for it is good.

But for the Cliff Notes version, it appears that this horrible Dhimmi propaganda piece portrays the West in an extremely positive light compared to the Ummah, based on the latter being economically and technologically backward as a result of their religious fundamentalism, intolerant, full of hatred and with anti-Semitism clearly linked to Nazi propaganda of the 30s which they swallowed hook, line and sinker.

We’re surprised that CAIR hasn’t yet sued the Ismailis for telling the truth.

Yet this translates, in the mind of Gellar, into Perry being a Dhimmi trying to force feed pisslamic propaganda to the kids.

Bzzzt… Fail. Of the epic kind.

But hey, keep on fighting the Dhimmicrats’ battles for them. If you keep it up, we may end up with Mittens as the candidate in 2012, and you just know how grateful we’ll all be, don’t you?


DOING OUR HOMEWORK UPDATE: Robert Spencer, for whom we have nothing but respect, issues a rejoinder. You should read it yourselves as it would be unfair for me to just quote bits and pieces of it, but the sense I get is that the material quoted by Ace is not the actual material, but rather what one educator, David Stein, got from it. Also, it is claimed that the material in no way points out that pisslamic anti-Semitism goes further back than “merely” Nazi propaganda, that it is, in fact, based on their “holy” book. That last point is certainly important, as Robert points out. If we allow pisslamic Jooo-hatred to be portrayed as nothing but a result of Nazi propaganda, then we ignore the genocidal elephant in the room. To be sure, Nazi propaganda did help pisslamists in justifying their Jooo-hatred, but it wasn’t something that the Nazis invented. It was there, right in the koran, long before Adolf was shat out by one syphilitic sow in Braunau-am-Inn.

Does that make Perry a Dhimmi? His Majesty is still not convinced, but those are good points that need to be brought out too, so there you are.

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By Emperor Misha I

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