2012 is going to be a messy election, there’s no doubt. The Light Worker Ogabe has a sterling record of unbroken miserable failures, unless you’re not the charitable type who gives him the benefit of the doubt that he actually has our Republic’s best interests at heart. If you’re a little more *ahem* cynical and think Ear Leader wants to knock our nation down a few notches, then he’s doing a bang up job. Narcissistic demigods with a Mussolini complex don’t generally relinquish their “rule” (Their word) willingly, and one or more of the four boxes will definitely be in play. But what weapons and tactics can we expect from Ogabe and the NSDP? Well, the race card certainly has worked well for them in the past, and continues to do so now. (From they who must not be linked)

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A freshman Republican lawmaker resigned because his wife sent “an offensive and racist” email to the Democratic state Senate campaign of nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, a GOP official acknowledged Monday.

Ooh, sounds pretty bad don’t it?

Pat Delany stepped down from the state Assembly this month and said he wouldn’t seek a full term in November because of his wife’s missive to Lewis’ campaign, Burlington County Republican Chairman Bill Layton said. Delany originally cited an unspecified family issue as the reason for his abrupt resignation.

Delany and his wife, Jennifer Delany, are white. Lewis, a political novice who’s among the greatest athletes of all time, is black.

Of course the Delaney’s are white, cuz we all know that there is no such thing as black racism, right?

Layton said Pat Delany decided to leave office to shield his three children from “a hurtful and embarrassing public spectacle involving their mother.”

“Former Assemblyman Pat Delany’s wife inexplicably sent an offensive and racist email in response to a routine email from Carl Lewis’ campaign; her actions were inexcusable,” Layton said. (emph. mine – crunch)

Inexcusable, offensive and racist. Dayum, sounds pretty bad huh? So what exactly did the hateful, bigoted, racist klanmaiden say? Did she call Lewis a “porch monkey”? “Spear chucker”? “Watermelon eating, fried chicken loving nigger”? “Ignorant coon”? Had to be something even worse than that right?

Jennifer Delany’s email to Lewis’ campaign said, in part, “Imagine having dark skin and name recognition and the nerve to think that equaled knowing something about politics.”

Ohnosheditent!!!! …..Wait, she said what?

“Imagine having dark skin and name recognition and the nerve to think that equaled knowing something about politics.”

Uhm, sounds like she’s only rehashing Ogabe’s resume to me. Is this what passes for racism nowadays? Really? And the ballless NJ RINOs chucked her husband for that?!

We have become to damned hypersensitive to the bullshit race card, so much so that we will flagellate and crucify anyone who shows the slightest hint of not passing the racial purity test of white guilt.

Enough. If this is what passes for racism, I’m officially declaring it dead in the United States.

Problem is, you know damned well that the NSDP has nothing to offer other than portraying their opponents as racists, and have no illusions, they will play it to the hilt. If race riots set our cities on fire, they will warm their hands over the embers. Just so long as they can keep the royal trappings for King Narcissus and Michelle Antoinette.

Yup, 2012 is gonna be messy.

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By LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E.

Former USMC infantryman, proud father of a current USMC infantryman and two Princesses who know what that means. Currently an NRA law enforcement firearms instructor, radar instructor, CPR instructor, a few others but you get the point. Catholic, conservative, heterosexual, gun owner, anything I can do to piss off liberals.

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