Because, well, the EPA are the legislative, executive and judiciary branch all rolled into one, according to one Richard Poeton, certified cretin.

I worked for the Environmental Protection Agency for 20 years and am not surprised that the Republican Party is bashing the agency again.

Nor is anybody else who’s been keeping up with what Il Douche’s extra-Constitutional enforcement arm have been up to.

It is difficult to grow up, to learn that there are rules, and that there are people whose job it is to tell you what you can’t do.

You mean such as the legislature? You know, the ones who actually do have the power to write laws and regulate?

So when, exactly, did we get to vote for the economy-wrecking, parasitical employees of the EPA? Because we’d very much like to have a do-over.

Welcome to adulthood, G.O.P.

Welcome to reading for comprehension, you turdbrained twit.

I was a senior scientist at the E.P.A. during the 1995-96 government shutdown,

More’s the pity the shutdown didn’t last 16 years rather than just one then, considering the “quality” of their “senior scientists” even way back then.

and one thing I learned is that people like the E.P.A.




Who told you that? The voices in your head?

They like the idea and the fact that someone is cleaning up the mess someone else left in their neighborhood.

Ahhh… So that’s what the EPA does? Funny, we were getting the impression that they considered their main responsibility to be thinking up new and onerous (not to mention economically disastrous and retarded) regulations and then walk in and destroy businesses that didn’t obey their Imperial Edicts.

But we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for suited “senior scientists” shoveling actual shit (as opposed to the verbal diarrhea they spout every day) the next time there’s a mess that needs cleaning in our neighborhood.

They like breathing clean air, drinking clean water.

Unlike Rethugnicans, who subsist entirely on sulfuric oxide and hydrochloric acid spiked with plutonium.

It is no fun when a police officer hands you a ticket,

Again with the inability to understand simple Constitutional concepts about the branches of government. But let’s stick with your analogy for a moment. For it to match what the EPA has been doing and is currently doing at an even more ridiculous pace than ever before, the police officer would have to be handing you a ticket because he decided, when he rolled out of bed this morning, that the speed limit on the road you were driving was 30 mph rather than the 50 mph helpfully posted along the side of the road.

You see, when an actual police officer hands you a ticket, it’s because you’ve just broken a law that a body of actually elected legislators somewhere had made.

It’s not like the chief of police just decided to change the law on his own. That would be ridiculous. That would be like some alphabet soup government agency suddenly deciding, without approval from the actual legislature, that human exhaled air was a pollutant or that power plants suddenly had to lower their emission standards to levels that would force them to either double their energy prices or shut down.

Get the point? No, you blubbering buffoon, not the one on the top of your head.

but for the G.O.P. to argue that there shouldn’t be any laws (let alone enforcement) when it comes to the environment is nonsense.

It would be. For anybody to suggest that they’d ever done such a thing would be even worse. It would be a symptom of cranio-rectal impacting unheard of outside of the ranks of government regulatory parasites.

This nonsense may play well with Republican primary voters, but my money is on the E.P.A. long term.

Seeing as how you’re most likely drawing a government pension now, your money is already coming from the EPA long term. Which we’re paying for. Which we’re not all that happy about.

I don’t think that you will hear the Republicans bashing the E.P.A. in the general election. The Republicans may not like the agency, but the voting public does.

You might consider actually going out there and meeting members of the voting public one of these days. Try in particular to talk to employees, currently or, more likely, formerly of the energy producing industry and, for added fun, their customers who are currently waiting for your Douche to fulfill his campaign promise of “necessarily causing energy prices to skyrocket” and “bankrupting the mining industry.”

Just one friendly piece of advice: Don’t mention your former employer, lest you get a sudden and very convincing demonstration of just how much the voting public loves the EPA.


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By Emperor Misha I

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