Ace has quite a few thoughts about our role in wars and the cleanups afterwards, now that the word is out that Moo-amma Khadaffi might be running for the Tunisian hills (not a good choice, you ignorant twit. Tunisia is where Carthage used to be), and it’s all quite good.

But our favorite line is this one:

This style of warfare isn’t perfect. Libya will (as Allah suggests) probably descend into revenge bloodletting. Ask me how much I really care.

Couldn’t have put it better our Imperial self. To be sure, His Majesty would wish that they’d refrain from such barbarism, seeing as how it’s both senseless and unnecessary, but it’s really not our bloody problem if they do, and it’s not worth one solitary American life to help them sweep up the debris after they’ve run amok in their own china store.

They. Brought. It. On. Themselves.

Sure, pick a side if there’s a side worth picking, help them out with the occasional FedEx delivery of long range doom and devastation if need be (among other things), but tell us just why the Hades we should risk the lives of our countrymen trying to clean up the mess afterwards? There’d better be a damned good strategic reason for it, or else it’s just being generous with other people’s lives.

“You broke it, you bought it?”

Nonsense. Keep in mind that until they started their internecine festivities, we gave not a rancid shit about them or their dump of a country. They were the ones who attracted our attention, so we didn’t break shit, any more than it’s a homeowner’s “fault” if he shoots down a burglar in his living room.

It’s one thing that we have to be the world’s policeman from time to time since nobody else is up to the task, but I draw the fucking line at being their bloody wet nurse too.

Stay cool and peaceful and you’ll never hear from us. Cross the line and we’ll be shooting people and breaking shit in short order, and you’ll be the ones holding the bucket and the mop afterwards. Just quit writing checks that your asses can’t cover.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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