Not there yet, but LC&IB Confederate Yankee notes that people are getting nervous and buying guns like they’re going out of style.

We’re going to have to severely cut social programs. As much as liberals are burying their heads in the sand (or other warm, dark places) to avoid dealing with that fact, we simply have to cut spending, and that is going to mean significant entitlement reform. Combine that with an entitlement mindset and a consumer culture with eroding moral guidance, and you have the recipe for the kind of violence you saw in the United Kingdom, and the very distinct probability that it will happen here to some extent.

Exactly, as I mentioned yesterday. What can’t go on, won’t, and when the gravy train stops we’re in for a rough ride. However, entitlement reform now, even though it will most certainly lead to rioting by the Usual Suspects, is nothing compared to the Mad Max future that awaits us if Washington DC continues to follow the “victorious” McCockless/Boner playbook of “kicking the can down the road” until we run out of road.

Reality will catch up with us sooner or later.

The big question no one can answer is that we don’t know how widespread or deep the rioting and violence with occur.

Will it be mindless, but weapon-free looting and racial attacks like we’ve seen in recent weeks that just sent a few people to the hospital, or are we going to see cities burn again?

Will the violence be confined to small isolated incidents quickly stomped out by effective policing, or will President Empty Suit dither as America burns?

Depends on which part of the country the rioting occurs in.

Down here, stomping them out won’t have anything to do with policing as the disturbance will be over before they have a chance to arrive. All that will be left will be for the meat wagons to clean up. Elsewhere, it may be different.

But the blame for all of it will be Washington DC’s alone, so maybe that’s where we ought to start cleaning up?

We have a feeling that the cleanup, and that part is inevitable, will be much more civilized if we do it at the ballot box in November of next year than if we wait until our cities are burning.

Because, in the latter case, there’ll be an awful lot of heavily armed, justifiably angry citizens looking for some well-deserved payback.



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