After having promised that there would be no exploiting the 30 dead, and after 19 out of the 30 families had insisted that the remains of their loved ones shouldn’t be used as a bloody shirt for Il Douche to wave, Il Douche decided “fuck this noise, I need this photo-op” and had a picture of him “saluting” the dead heroes plastered all over the White House website.

Our Good King Narcissus at work again.

P.S.: Is it OK to question the timing on this one?

Screenwriter Mark Boal and director Kathryn Bigelow, those responsible for anti-war film The Hurt Locker, have decided to assist President Obama in his re-election. Together, they have been granted unprecedented access to some of America’s most classified data pertaining the death of Osama Bin Laden and the dark secretive world of our U.S. Navy SEAL’s and Joint Special Operations Command. They will be using this information to create a film about the “heroic leadership” within this administration based upon the U.S. led Navy SEAL kill mission which inevitably made OBL fish food.

The release of this film is scheduled to open October 12th.

Hmmm… We seem to recall that there’s something important happening just about a month after that purely coincidental release date, or do we remember this incorrectly?

Can’t blame Il Douche for this one, we mean other than the unprecedented level of cooperation with sensitive data offered to get this movie rolling… Oh, we guess we can blame the Narcissist-in-Chief after all.

What’s next? Il Douche revealing that he kept bin Laden’s head and has turned it into an ashtray? Actually, that would be kind of sweet, so we’d give him a pass on that one.


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By Emperor Misha I

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