While reading a quite interesting article on Ace’s HQ (they generally are), we couldn’t help but take note of this particular quote from a poll that Ace quotes, obviously as baffled as we are at the results:

Americans held mixed views on the best way to stimulate economic growth. Cutting spending, 49 percent, and taxing the wealthy, 46 percent, came highest, followed by investment in infrastructure, 34 percent.

Cutting spending, obviously. Investment in infrastructure? Arguable, but it would very much have to depend on the investments.

But “taxing the wealthy?”


How the fuck, if you’ll pardon His Imperial Majesty’s wanton use of the vernacular, can ANYBODY suggest, anybody with the cerebral capacity of at least a boiled Russet potato, that “the best way to stimulate economic growth” is to take money OUT of the economy?

It is no less stupendously snotbrained than suggesting that “the best way to increase the operational radius of a motor vehicle” is to empty the gas tank before you get in it and crank the engine.

What have we DONE that we should be cursed with a population 46% of which are apparently substantially less intelligent than your average fruit fly?

You can come up with arguments why you should tax “the wealthy” more, all of them self-destructive and moronic and based entirely upon laziness and envy, but not a single, solitary logical argument can be made that it would “stimulate economic growth.” Come to think of it, that goes for taxing anybody more, wealthy, OK and poor.

The economy, private economy mind you, is the only thing that creates wealth and revenues, the latter being the new name for “taxes.” And economies, like engines, are driven by fuel. In an economy, the fuel is called “money.”

And the economy, like engines, won’t run “better” on less fuel.

It’s so retardedly simple that there is simply no excuse for NOT understanding this simple fact.

Yet we apparently have 46% of the people taking this poll who fail to grasp it.

And those sub-retarded twat-waffles vote.

We’re fucked.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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