Mark Serreze, Chief of Alarmist Propaganda at the National Snow(job) and Ice Data Center, goes for the record in the “Number of Lies and/or Misinformation in a Single Press Release and/or Interview” category in one of his latest desperate attempts to continue sucking off the public’s withered teat and keep the Golden Glowbull Worming Goose™ on life support.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 6 (UPI) — The Arctic Ocean will be partially ice-free this summer for the first time in three decades, which scientists say will have some positive impacts on the region.

And, in other shocking, unprecedented news, Florida will be “partially-sunny” for the first time in three decades…

Measurements show the arctic had the least sea ice coverage in July ever recorded, CNN reported Saturday.

Those Olde Tyme™ Viking vintners in Greenland would beg to differ with that asinine assessment, as would the actual (probably modified) data…

“This is just part and parcel of the decline that we’ve seen in the overall ice extent because the Arctic is warming up,” said Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Except that it isn’t actually declining… (And you’ll note how exceptionally quiet they are about the steadily-INCREASING Antarctic ice? Even these Bolshevik Bullshitters™ can’t put enough make-up and Daedalian wings on that pig to make it fly…) Also, you’ll note that “ice extent” depends most-heavily on WIND, not TEMPERATURE, since winds have a tendency to either blow ice out into the open waters of the Atlantic or Pacific (where it melts) or it stacks it up on itself inside the Arctic Ocean, making it THICKER, but with less EXTENT (aka “surface area”). See? Statistics can be fun to play with, when one gets to pick which results one wishes to achieve, can’t they?

Ice in the arctic has been declining more each summer, and even the oldest ice in the arctic, which is the thickest and most resistant to melting, has begun to dwindle.

Except that it hasn’t…

“This is man-made; there seems to be little doubt in that,” Serreze said.

Except by about 70% of the people whom you & your fellow Glowbull Worming Chicken Little Marxists want to tax into bankruptcy and servitude and control every single aspect of their lives…

“It would be reversible if we were to do something about our carbon dioxide emissions kill off most of our population and live in caves (Fixed it for you— B.),…

Complete and utter bullshit…

“…[but] I don’t see much of a fat chance in hell we’re going to see any change here. We’re going to have to adapt.”

That’s the only semi-sentient thing he said in the entire interview, even if he only got it half-right. We ARE going to see some change. The only problem is, with the Sun going into what some very smart astronomers think is another Maunder Minimum, there’s a very good chance that we’ll be seeing some Change!™ that we Hope!™ the human race will be able to adapt to. The problem is, it’s gonna be a helluva lot harder to grow crops under ice and snow than it is to get them to grow a degree or two warmer than present temperatures.

So, in closing, keep shoveling that manure, Mr. Serreze, because your job, as well as many “green” jobs depend on a steady stream of fertilizer to keep them fed.


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