While Weepy Boner and Dingy Reid continue their Kabuki dance, which is getting profoundly unfunny to watch, somebody notes that both their retarded “plans”, which address nothing other than making sure that President Golfsalot won’t have to deal with this nasty debate while he’s out campaigning for four more years, won’t save our vaunted AAA rating.

Who’s that “somebody” crying “a pox on both their houses”, we hear you ask?

Moody’s, that’s who.

The limited magnitude of both debt plans put forward by congressional leaders would not put the nation’s AAA credit rating back on solid footing, Moody’s Investors Service announced Friday.

All together now: UNEXPECTEDLY!

Of course, those of us with a brain have long known that simply “avoiding a default”, something that won’t happen anyway unless President PissyPants chooses to let us default, won’t restore confidence in our ability to not spend ourselves into an eventual, inevitable default at some point down the line, something that investors, for some strange reason, tend to be interested in.

It’s almost as if they, in addition to obviously worrying about whether the monthly minimum payment is going to be made, also take into consideration whether it’s likely that we’ll be able to pay them in the future. Who knew?

Our government, all of it, are a bunch of raging spendaholics, and to expect anybody to believe that they’re taking their problems seriously when all they do is raise their own credit limit is beyond daft, it’s so far into the depths of dementia that it defies description.

It’s like an alcoholic sitting at the bar getting shitfaced as he has every night for the last 10 years, running up the tab until the bartender finally has to mention something, answering that yeah, sure he knows he has a problem and sure, he’ll do something about it somewhere down the line, maybe, but for now just run the tab up some more and hand out a round to everybody in the house.

Do you think the bartender is going to be convinced by that? If you’re a fiddy2er you probably would. After all, he promised!

Unfortunately for our credit rating, Moody’s et al aren’t fiddy2ers.

So congrats, Weepy Boner, all that you’ve achieved bargaining with yourself while the DemCong refused to put a counter-offer on the table is a slight postponement of the inevitable.

“But, we would have gotten bad press if we hadn’t done it!”

Yeah, and now that we’ve caved again, once again maxing out our grandkids’ credit cards, the Make Be-Fucking Leave OgabeMedia will be positively fawning over us.




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By Emperor Misha I

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