Want to play around with the budget and see how well you score on stimulating the economy, averting the bust and balancing the budget?

Become Emperor and hang all politicians first. After that, the economy will take care of itself.

But if you want to waste some time while laughing your arse off at the same time, learning absolutely nothing about how the real world economy works, there’s an app for that too, called “Budget Hero.”

If you decide to play with it, do take the briefing first. It will get you off to a good howler of a laff when it goes on about how it’s based on “non-partisan data” from the CBO.

Of course, what it leaves out is that it’s also overloaded with a shitload of long debunked Keynesian shibboleths that nobody but the terminally retarded believe.

His Majesty hasn’t spend enough time to nail down all of the idiocy in this childish piece of propaganda, but a few main underlying assumptions of retardation are pretty obvious even if you only make one play-through. According to the Einsteins who wrote that piece of crappy code:

1) Obamacare is the most cost-saving, efficient be-all and end-all ever thought up by mortal man. Any attempts to repeal it, even slash it slightly, will cause massive government spending increases and, you’re helpfully told if you read the “pros and cons” for doing so, 32 million Americans will immediately be doomed to die in the streets if you even think about playing that card.

Short version: Obamacare provides more care to more people at a lower cost than ever envisioned by mankind, which is why, we suppose that it works so well in EUnuchistan. Ahem…

2) Tax rates have no effect whatsoever on the economy. Hike ’em, cut ’em, the economy will blissfully continue on in a ceteris paribus sort of fashion. No economic growth will be experienced if you cut taxes as nobody will be encouraged to invest in an economy where you get to keep more of your money and, on the other end, no depression will be experienced if you tax the everloving shit out of everybody since nobody, obviously, will start wondering if it’s better to keep your wealth tucked away in the Caymans earning a solid interest rated than to keep it here and have the taxman take it all away.

3) Government spending other people’s money on whatever projects and hobby horses any sitting administration might have will, on the other hand, lead to explosive growth and revenue increases, as was amply proved by the roaring success that was Porkulus. Ahem…

You spending your money = bad. The government spending your money on shit you don’t want = Nirvana.

Could the authors of this kind of crap at least be a little less obvious about it? Goebbels would be appalled at the lack of competence.

So if you want to “win” this game of Keynesian wet dreams, the solution is to tax the everloving shit out of everything and let the government spend your money for you on cowboy poetry festivals and crucifixes soaked in urine.

THAT way true Utopia lies.

At least they managed to avoid any references to “winning the future” and “Obama for America.”



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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