In this one we have Rachel MadCow committing, as is usual for her, journalistic fraud regarding the Texas Voter ID law which, of course, according to MadCow and her liberal cohorts, is nothing short of suppressing Democrat voting since, apparently, Democrats are unusually stupid when it comes to acquiring a free means of identification.

OK, she and the NSDWP may have a point here. Anybody willing to vote for a Democrat has to be dumb enough to qualify for permanent mental disability payments, but we digress.

Occasionally Republicans tip their hand on this, as they have done in Texas, when Texas Republicans were cranking down voting rights, making it harder to vote in that state than it has ever been before, Texas Republicans carved out an exception to their new you-have-to-show-an-ID-to-vote-now rule. The exception is? (pause for dramatic effect) For anybody who has a concealed carry permit for a weapon.

What do you think it is about having a gun that makes the Republican legislators of Texas relax about your eligibility to vote?

It could be, we hasten to point out, that the CHL is already a valid means of ID in just about every other respect in the great Republic of Texas.

Somehow, showing an already accepted valid form of proof of ID is an “exception” to a requirement to show an accepted valid form of ID.

You’d have to be a braindead liberal (but we repeat ourself) to make sense of that.

Also helpfully left out of Rachel MadCow’s “expose” were the other forms of acceptable “exceptions” to the requirement for valid ID, namely a driver’s license, a military ID, a passport or, to top it off, an utterly free and readily available (if you can muster the intellectual fortitude to apply for it, free of charge) voter ID card.

But, according to liberals, their core constituencies are too dumb for that.

And they may just be right.


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By Emperor Misha I

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