Seriously, is there anything going on in the news that hasn’t to do with the pointless, utterly predictable debt limit charade with the Potomac Parasites?

Because, quite frankly, the outcome is as predictable as the posturing is tedious.

On the one hand we have the McCocklesses of the Senate busying themselves with abdicating their responsibilities and kicking the can further down the road, even further than our grandchildren. The “brilliance” of their plan is that once Ogabe has to personally refuse to cut spending, he will be utterly stuck with the bad press as the Make Believe Media descend upon him like a pack of wolves, eviscerating their Anointed One while not making the slightest attempt at blaming the GOP for the whole shitstorm.

About that… No, forget about it. We’d have to create an argument so convincing that even the Rick Morans of the world would understand it, and we’re just not up to that kind of exercise in futility.

The downside, of course, is that Ogabe gets everything that he wants: The issue gets postponed even further so as not to inconvenience his re-election campaign.

Oh, and there’s that bit about our grandchildren and great-grandchildren living in hovels at the mercy of the Almighty State as everything goes down the proverbial toilet when the inevitable bills come due.

All in return for a bunch of non-binding promises to cut spending over the next ten years, cuts that will never happen just as no promise of Congress’ has ever actually materialized here in the reality that we are forced to inhabit.

What a deal!

We can’t think of any plan as idiotic as that, even including the French decision to let their cavalry charge the English longbows at Agincourt.

Sure, there are signs of balls in the House GOP with their Cut, Cap and Balance Bill and Amendment, particularly the Amendment bit since it, unlike anything else that Congress has ever passed, is actually binding upon future Congresses, but best of luck getting that through the McCockless Senate of the Surrender Monkeys. Ogabe, of course, has already promised to veto that, should it pass, proving once again that he’d rather destroy the United States than give an inch on his current mission to, well, destroy the United States.

Any ideas that he might be bluffing when it comes to threatening to starve grandma to death if he doesn’t have his way seem rather naive at this point.

Anyway, the House might actually force his hand and, whether he follows up on his threats or not, actually force him to own the consequences up to the next election.

If they stick to their guns, the chances of which are slim to none. At the end of the day, as we have all learned from bitter experience, when faced with the choice between doing their jobs, following through on the promises they got elected on and giving up life time access to fucking teenage interns and receiving fat bribes, politicians will always choose the easy way out, which is to punt.

Maybe some of them won’t, but not enough to get anything accomplished. The power of the free pubescent pussy is just too strong for aging, fat, balding cocknozzles to resist.

So they’ll work out some “grand bargain” which will only serve to land our kids with the bill.

Of all of the flights that were stopped on 9/11, why did it have to be flight 93?

If it had been one of the flights hitting the Twin Towers or the Pentagon, some actual human beings might have been saved.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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