(p)Resident Ogabe, Golfer-in-Chief, rolls out the old, tried and true “if you don’t do what we say, we’ll kill your grandparents” gambit.

President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement on reducing the deficit in the coming weeks.

Yes. Because the ONLY item on his and his insane NSDWP posse’s list of expenses that can be cut is payments to Social Security recipients.

That’s always the case with socialists when they can’t get their way. They threaten with violence, starvation, and whatever else they can think of, and they always, always threaten the weakest members of society. Because they know that we, unlike socialists who really couldn’t care fucking less and would wish that they’d all die off so they could spend the money on more cowboy poetry festivals instead now that they’re no longer paying taxes, sympathize with them.

Just so you seniors know the priorities of the Ogabe Junta: Your lives are non-essential to them. Paying for hundreds of thousands of useless bureaucrats who’ve never contributed a dime’s worth to our nation, subsidies to unions, the aforementioned cowboy poetry festivals, round-the-world golfing trips for the First Fuckhead and his Wookie, all of that useless nonsense, on the other hand…

THAT’S essential and cannot under any circumstances be cut in the slightest, even if it means all of you wheezing geezers dying off.

That’s how much Ogabe and his socialists care about you.

It’s just like my native country, which this nation that I love is beginning to resemble more and more. Every single time the socialist shits in government are faced with possibly having to make cuts in their profligate spending, the budget items that they threaten with “having” to cut are always law enforcement, social security, firefighters and, since my native country already has the wonders of OgabeCare, health care.

Yes, you heard that right. Every time the government in a country that was stupid enough to do what the fiddy2er imbeciles enabled the socialists to do to this country has to think about cutting expenses, the first “non-essential” thing they can think of is to let people die from lack of the healthcare that they were promised would be “free.”

Feel better about letting government take over that sector now?

Oh fuck it, it’s not like we give a shit. We’ve been warning you ever since we were made a citizen, giving you a first hand eyewitness account of just what EXACTLY doing what you let happen would result in, but you didn’t give a good shit about that, did you?

Oh no, our three decades of very personal, up front, right in the fucking middle of socialist hell experience didn’t count compared to the empty promises of the lying socialist fucks that you CHOSE to believe in because they said what you wanted to hear.

We’ve been there, we have the fucking t-shirt, we have a whole fucking collection of them but that just didn’t matter, did it? You knew better. Or, rather, the cocksuckers you voted for knew better because you liked what you were hearing.

We’ll survive, because we’ve learned how to survive deep in socialist Injun country. We had to.

You morons, on the other hand, won’t last a fucking minute, and if you think that we’ll feel sorry for you when you come crying to us later, you’ve got a second fucking thing coming.

You’ve done all you can to destroy the greatest nation this benighted ball of disgusting dirt ever housed and we pray that you’ll fail still. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

But if you think that we can forgive THAT, you’re sorely mistaken, no matter what the fuck your imbecilic best intentions were. That would matter if you hadn’t had any warnings. But you did, and you chose to ignore them. You’re now officially dead to us. Unfortunately not dead before you could fuck up the futures of our kids, but dead all the same.

Fuck you and your Obamessiah, and may we still be around to defecate on your rotting corpses once you and all who supported you have been wiped out.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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