With jugears stepping right in and tossing out his Ace of Spades Scare The Seniors card, the debate cranks up another notch. One thing that makes me absofuckinglutely nuts, is this idea that the debt ceiling and “defaulting” are the same. The fucking LSM just hammers away equating the two as if we automatically default by hitting the debt ceiling. Any default would be a conscious decision by the feds to not pay on our loans and obligations. It’s not automatic as the media would have you believe. That of course, is more of the same from those lame excuses for useful beings, suckling for more of the Teh Won’s™ magic splooge, by carrying water for him.

The government has more than enough monthly “income” to service our debt payments. IF the debt ceiling is reached, the government now has to prioritize it’s payments as opposed to borrowing more to pay it as they do now. The leftist are going nuts because raising the debt ceiling gives them unlimited spending power, and if not raised we’ll hit that ceiling and they’ll be forced to deal with real dollars from income. They can’t allow that to happen as it rips the mask off social program spending for all to see. The LAST thing the Dems want is to become ‘budgeted’ like the rest of us out here have to do every month. Keeping their favorite voting blocs happy requires us to assume massive debt and borrowing to maintain it’s chimera.

Now the socialist shitstain occupying the Oval Office decides to use seniors and veterans as hostages in the debate. The bottom line which we’ll NEVER be able to explain to the seniors and Fiddy-2er bastards is the government can pay our debts including SS if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. They would be forced to pay these and cut their pet shrimp treadmills out along with payments to ‘aggrieved’ citizens, such as Teamsters and whatnot.

These cuts will generate lots more demagogue opportunities, and once again we’ll see the Party Of Stoopid™ assume the fetal position, suck their thumbs and then cave in to the fucks.

The left has no morals other than those they makeup and even they are fluid. They have no qualms about scaring hell out of groups of voters by blatantly lying, all in the name of keeping them in power. We need a leader that can and WILL fire back with the TRUTH about ALL the failures of socialistic designs for government. Is the such a person?

Don’t EVEN mention Ron Paul.

Now is the time, a perfect time, to destroy 6 decades (or more) of leftist indoctrination and their re-shaping of this beautiful republic. It just might be the last chance.

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