I know a lot of people will not be impressed, but I want to talk about this. Read the article, then read what I have to say.

Judge me or not, as you so choose.


A GIRL’S pleas for help were ignored as she was being sexually assaulted by two men in a Sydney shopping mall, police said yesterday. The 15-year-old was dragged into a garden bed by two men as she walked through Parramatta Mall at Church St about 2am on Sunday.

She told police she cried out for help to a nearby male but he apparently ignored her and kept walking. After being released, the girl went to a fast food restaurant in the mall and told her friends what had happened.

They contacted police and a crime scene was set up. Police said the men they want to question are both of black African appearance and are appealing for anyone who can assist the investigation to come forward, particularly the male passer-by.

The news comes a week after a Melbourne mother who chased boys throwing eggs was stabbed to death. It brings into question whether passers-by should intervene when they see something criminal.

The argument as to whether or not the passerby should have stepped in has ignited some angry..and frustrated, voices.

Many here are furious that they feel so helpless. Two years ago, a woman was being attacked, in the middle of a city street. A man stepped into help..and was shot dead by the attacker.

Another instance, where a woman was being beaten up, someone stepped into help, and was promptly set upon by all four PLUS the woman herself..and no one lifted a finger, because they knew they would be next.

A man who defended himself with a baseball bat against an armed intruder is doing fifteen years in prison.

We are disarmed.

We have no rights…even a citizens arrest can get you charged with assault.

No concealed carry. PERIOD.

No right to carry ANY form of defensive weapon…to do so is to risk arrest and jail.

Use force to defend yourself, or your home, and find yourself in court on charges and jailed for “excessive force”..a jury taking hours or days to determine what they thought you should have done in a split second.

I read this, and asked myself what I would do…and the truth is, nothing. I have no intention of my wife screaming her eyes out in grief because her husband tried to help and was murdered.

I have no intention of my family being immolated in grief as they watch me being lowered into the ground.

A dead hero is still dead.

My wife would be a widow.

So no, I will not step in. I will turn and walk the other way. Call me coward, call me scum, I don’t care. This is the world in which I live.

This is what awaits if you let this happen to you.

The nanny state ensures that the citizen is cowed and helpless, disarmed and powerless to deal with the criminal element, where those who wish to be “good samaritans” have a choice between a violent, senseless death..or risk years behind bars.

Miss Genovese, I am sorry…you died for nothing.

LC Brendan.

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By LCBren

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