Panic release of strategic oil reserves causes slight drop in price, a slight drop that is now all gone.

Damn, it’s almost as if those boring economics professors that I spent hours listening to in my youth were on to something about this whole “supply and demand” thing.

Nah, (p)Resident Dick and his merry NSDWP Alinskyites keep telling me it isn’t so.

It must be Bush’s fault or attributable to global warming. And corporate jets, of course.

Of course, we’re now 30,000,000 barrels short in our reserves for no gain at all, 30,000,000 barrels we won’t have if we should enter an emergency more severe than Odumbfuck’s poll numbers taking a dip.

Thanks, fiddy2ers. Once again it’s proven that you’re so remarkably, fascinatingly stupid that it’s a wonder that you survived until you were old enough to vote.

Now that you’ve proven that point, kindly do all of us a favor and die.

Right now.



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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