We’ve all seen the incredibly vile attacks on Sarah in the wake of the Tuscon tragedy. Most of the honest folks I’ve heard, agree that it’s been the worst case of libelous, pernicious behavior that they’ve EVER witnessed. Palin Derangement syndrome exists and like a virus it amplifies itself. Sarah can’t say ANYTHING without another round of vicious attacks, from the likes of Krugman, uberDoucheman and Tingles Matthews. Their formula is simple, ATTACK, ATTACK and ATTACK again. It’s pointed out that her polling data shows a decrease in support, proving that she’s guilty as charged. A leftist swine being interviewed on FOX said “this proves that Palin’s response to the tragedy has made her smaller“, as if simply defending herself from horrific lies is a character defect.

In spite of it all, the real citizen patriots know the truth, and recognize the motives behind Palin Derangement Syndrome. True Conservatives, i.e. non-establishment republicans, have her back and will defend against the lies and libelous behavior as best we can.

Oh, the topic of this post. A patriot by the name of Tom Dempsey wrote an awesome song supporting Sara and it’s percolating through the media and pretty much gone viral on the ‘net. I saw a teaser on Fox a short while ago, about the YouTube video of the track being sung by Gary McVay accompanied by a lady, that’s not identified. Most appropriately it’s to the tune of “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic”.

Obviously it’s effective, a google search on the video came up with the statists already getting their panties in a wad, here’s a sample comment

This is SO FRIGHTENING. The worst part is that these people are absolutely serious about their devotion to Sarah Palin. I can’t even laugh at this ironically.

I couldn’t resist dropping a few turds on the carpet of a number of particularly insane sites about this one.

This one should make you feel a bit better. No doubt, it’s Hate Speech, and of course we’re hating, haterous, haters for even watching it.

Carry On.

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