As we celebrate Independence Day and remember the sacrifices our liberty demanded and continue to demand, I just learned that our friends and allies in Australia, on this day, lost another digger in the Long War, this generation’s fight for freedom.

We sometimes forget, not through ill will or lack of gratitude toward those who choose to stand with us, but because of the losses that we all feel closer to home, that our allies are paying a bloody price too. Speaking in absolute numbers not as much as we are but that’s a simple matter of math. We have more boots on the ground.

Not that absolute numbers mean a damn thing to those affected, as I found out when I learned that one of my old buddies from the service, a close friend and true brother in arms, paid the last full measure 3 years ago in Afghanistan. Each loss is felt strongly, each loss is equally important.

Today, Australia gave her 28th son, Sgt Todd Langley of the 2nd Commando Regiment, to the war effort. He was involved in a firefight in the south of Afghanistan. He was on his 7th deployment of his career, his fifth to Afghanistan. He was hit in the head and died on the battlefield from his wounds.

I was unable to find a photo of him, but I have no doubt that he will soon be added to the gallery here, in which he has now earned a place.

UPDATE: Thanks, LCBrendan:

Sgt Todd Langley
Sgt. Todd Langley, 2nd Commando Regiment

Let us remember him along with everyone else who has fallen in the ongoing, crucial fight for freedom, a fight we cannot, must not lose; a fight where any man, no matter who or from where he hails, is a brother if he chooses to fight with us.

Freedom isn’t free, it has a bloody price, but it is worth it, as the alternative is slavery and oppression.


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By Emperor Misha I

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