Oh, and banning racial preferences is apparently in violation of the equal protection clause (h/t Ace).

You read that right. That wasn’t a typo. According to a federal appeals court, Michigan’s ban on using racial discrimination in university admissions is unconstitional and in violation of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. Just let that sink in for a bit. Of course, the usual racists are calling this a giant victory of racial equality:

George Washington, the chief attorney for the law’s opponents, applauded the decision today.

“It’s a great victory. It means affirmative action is legal again in college admissions. It means that thousands of talented black, Latino and Native Americans can go to our public universities,” Washington said.

And it, of course, also means that an equal number of thousands of even more talented (their grades didn’t require a melanin-based boost, after all) non-minorities won’t be going to those same schools, but let’s not talk about that. That would be raaaaacist.

Let’s turn it around: Let’s say that some state in the union got taken over by drooling, knuckle-headed fuckwit White Pride scumbags and they decided to give Caucasians a grade boost to help them get ahead in the line for college admissions. You think somebody might stand up and say “what the everloving fuck? Didn’t our ancestors fight and die to END that kind of primitive, barbarian, Nazi bullshit?” I know His Imperial Majesty would be among the ones to do so, and we wouldn’t exactly be mild and well-mannered about it either. There might be angry words. And high-powered rifle bullets.

And we’d, for once, find ourselves on the same side as liberals but we’re willing to pay that price if the cause is just.

Don’t give me any sob stories about under-privileged “darkies” who were trying hard to work their way out of a working class background but would have never made it if it hadn’t been for obviously racist preferences, because we know just as many “whiteys” who had to work their arses off too to escape their background. We were one of them. We were blessed, by G-d, so we didn’t have any need of race-based boosts to our grades to get where we went, but that doesn’t change the facts.

Besides, we didn’t have racist affirmative action laws where I come from. Hmmm… Maybe the socialist troglodytes in my native country were right on something after all: The United States actually IS a more racist country than where I came from. Only, of course, they got the racism bit exactly wrong, but that’s socialists for you. If you’re ever in a situation where you have to make a choice and you can’t for the life of you determine which one is the better one, ask a socialist. Then do the exact opposite. You’ll win every single time. But we digress.

The bottom line is this: To me, and to people like me, racism is wrong. Period. End. Stop. It’s always wrong. There are no “qualifiers”, no “best intentions”, no exceptions.

Racism. Is. Wrong.

Dead wrong. Wrong on so many levels, and wrong to the level where taking the life of a true racist is, in my humble opinion, something that falls under “pest control” and should be rewarded by society, not punished. No harm, no foul. It’s not like a racist has any use to civilized society.

Always. It’s not only wrong when it’s directed at one particular group and OK when directed at another.

It’s wrong.

And to get back to the legal aspect, the 14th Amendment doesn’t, near as my mind can see, anywhere mention that there’s an exception to the equal protection clause when the ones being discriminated against have less and a certain amount of melanin in their skin passed on to them from their parents.

Prove me wrong.

Or just go hang the racist judges in Michigan.


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By Emperor Misha I

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