Well, except for the Commerce Clause, that is, which is, according to the Sixth Circus, the supreme law of the land. The rest of the document was just written by the Founders because they still had a few hours to waste and needed to put in some filler.

The court ruled that the law’s requirement that most Americans maintain health insurance fell within Congress’s constitutional authority over interstate commerce.

Which, obviously, leaves the rest of us with the burning question: If that is so, just what activity on the part of the formerly free citizens of our former republic is NOT open for the Federal government to step in and micro-manage and, as a bonus question, why don’t we just cut out the Commerce Clause and burn the rest of the Constitution?

The Commerce Clause was put in there to keep the individual states from waging economic warfare on each other, and that was it. We somehow doubt that the Founding Fathers, had they intended for it to supersede everything else in the Constitution, would have even bothered writing the rest. We are, on the other hand, quite certain that if they’d known how it would be abused by future tyrants in black robes, they would have never written it or, more likely, they’d have called the whole revolution off. Who wants to sacrifice everything they have to fight for something that a bunch of sniveling slimebuckets will throw away anyway?

Think it isn’t all that bad? Think again. Let’s take another example: His Imperial Majesty happens to like the local Texan brew Shiner Bock rather a lot. Under the sixth circus court’s reasoning, it would be entirely within the Constitutional powers of the Fed to make it illegal for me to purchase said beer since it, being a local brew, most assuredly does affect my beer purchasing habits and thus my likelihood of investing in out-of-state brands.

You say I could stop drinking beer altogether? Not so fast, Guido! That would most assuredly hurt out-of-state brands’ chances of selling beer to me and thus, here we go again, hurt interstate commerce. Therefore, per the sixth circus clowns, it is also within the Constitutional powers of the fed to not only forbid my purchasing Shiner Bocks, but to also force me to buy out-of-state brands. Indeed, they would be well within their Constitutional bailiwick to force me to drink beer in the first place, even if I were a recovering alcoholic or just somebody who happens to not like beer.

Electricity? I live in a state that provides a lot of energy to states that love their electricity, but think that producing the stuff is “icky” and therefore prohibit it because it might hurt the natural habitat of the three-toed, bloodsucking night warbler. Thus the Fed, endowed with the powers that the sixth circus cockgobblers wish them to have, is well within their rights to force me to turn the lights and A/C off since my consumption affects the price of electricity in Los Angeles. Interstate commerce, don’t you know?

Of course, the show ain’t over until the Supreme Court sings, but the sheer idiocy of the “justices” of a supposedly higher court has to give any person who wishes to remain free pause.

Oh, and the fact that one of the “justices” who found in favor of tyranny was a Bush appointee should give people who might still listen to the GOP establishment pause too.

“A republic, madam. If you can keep it.”

Not if we continue to tolerate that sort of nonsense, that’s for sure.

Rope. Tree. Judge.
Some assembly required.

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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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