As LC Jackboot already noted, (p)Resident Golfsalot’s sudden decision to release some of our strategic oil reserves in spite of no actual real national emergency smells a bit, and it ain’t of roses either.

It couldn’t possibly have to do with Ogabelini noticing that his poll numbers tend to fluctuate with the price of gas at the pump, could it?

Now, in all fairness, this has been true for all inhabitants of 1600 Penn Ave, but surely there is some other way of influencing global oil prices when you need a boost at the polls? Like, we don’t know, maybe NOT using your executive powers, even executive powers that the Constitution doesn’t grant you in the first place, to put a stop to all expansion of domestic oil production?

Yes, we know: “Opening leases won’t have an effect on oil supply and thus prices for at least [insert random number pulled out of your arse here] years”.

Except it always has in the past. The mere mention of opening up new oil fields has always, always caused global oil prices to plummet in the past, even before the first actual permit had been issued. Just ask Dubya.

The reason being, of course, that those “evil speculators” that the NSDWP always ramble on about as the sole reason oil prices are going up speculate based on anticipation of future production rather than actual production. You don’t want to be the last guy to dump your oil futures after prices have already plummeted, do you?

But that makes too much sense. Much better to dump the oil reserves this nation might need once the shit really hits the fan. Then we’ll have a real crisis to exploit and, as we know, the Ogabelini Fascisti would hate to let a good crisis go to waste. As a matter of fact, they need a steady supply of them to use as excuses for destroying the free nation we used to live in.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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