As hysteria over “the GOP’s refusal” to increase Ogabelini’s credit limit when all the NSDWP is asking for is tax hikes, thus making it the GOP’s fault that we’re about to default, explode, oceans running red with blood, old people falling off cliffs etc. ad nauseam, our friend Bill Quick predicts Weepy Boner and his GOP court jesters’ next step:

Now watch the GOP cave – again. And come away babbling that because they’ve “cut” the deficit by 3% annually over ten years, they’ve achieved a gigantic, resounding victory.

Yes, my expectations for these Boner Bozos are low. Aren’t yours?

We’d dearly love to say that we don’t agree, but we’ve long ago made the promise not ever to lie, so we can’t.

And we still remember the last “victory” of Weepy Boner’s which added up, once the creative book-keeping had been filtered out, to about $3.75 in actual savings. We also remember how that “victory” was immediately, by every “right wing” outfit, proclaimed to be something only slightly less momentous than the battle of Stalingrad.

We fully expect this to be no different.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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