While I was still laughing (and crying over the absolute disrespect of Sgt. Monti and his family) over the Ogolfalini’s lastest gaff, came across an excellent piece written by Princeton University professor Robert George, entitled the Mirror Of Justice.. Professor George posits the contrast between what should be called classic liberalism and what we see today, which he calls “comprehensive liberalism” or authoritarian liberals. The good professor makes a good case in the relatively short post.

Catholics should note that this case stems from a lawsuit being filed against Catholic University. The suit essentially describes CUs attempt to reestablish catholic moral standards on campus, by returning to gender separate dorms. This is where we see the very ugly side of liberalism at play. Indeed as the professor writes, we see today’s liberalism as attempting to establish their ideology through government as a quasi-official state religion.

Does this sound like what any rational person could construe as gender discrimination?

President Garvey’s objective (of which this particular change of policy is only a small piece) is to promote moral integrity as the Catholic Church understands that virtue and to combat the culture of promiscuity and alcohol abuse on campus.

We really need to watch this further encroachment on Judeo-Christian values through government. Clearly this falls into the realm of violating the establishment clause, and how the courts if this proceeds, react.

Stay tuned.

btw- Anyone notice that gas prices are dropping and have been for a few weeks? Along comes Ogabe to release a DAY and A HALF supply of oil from the SPR so he can take credit for dropping gas prices already in progress. Odd that, eh? Once AGAIN, the administration thinks we’re stupid and won’t notice.

And, AND….any doubt that cocksucker has any respect whatsoever, for the military after yesterday? Very VERY telling isn’t it? It would be interesting to contrast this with W’s memory regarding the 11 awards he presented in office.


-Carry On

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