Because Allahpundit’s man-crush on Mittens has just become even more nauseating.

It’s bad enough that AP can’t go through a day without putting Mittens’ smiling mug up on Hot Air at least 18 times, it’s bad enough that anything, anything that can be even remotely construed to be flattering the love of his life turns into a post, but now you can add flaming hypocrisy to the charge.

Mittens just “joked” about how “he’s unemployed too” (big fucking ha. We’re sure that 45 million Americans on food stamps feel just like you, a spoiled multi-millionaire with the time and funds to spend his entire life jet-setting around the nation campaigning for president. You’re not on payroll, after all), to which Allahpundit’s response is:

He was joking. Everyone laughed. They got the joke. No harm done.

Granted, he does allow that it wasn’t a particularly good joke (that must have hurt bad; having to say anything other than “I want to have his babies” about Mittens? Ouch!), but that’s about the extent of it.

Now flash back to when Ogabe joked about how all of those “shovel ready jobs” weren’t as “shovel ready” as they’d thought. Haha. How funny…

According to AP, that was just horrible:

If you think that’s funny, wait until you hear his five-minute set on the national debt and the coming S&P downgrade.

If the economy stays flat, there’s no way he’ll be able to spin the numbers to his advantage. He’ll be left saying surreally stupid things like this…

Thing is. BOTH were horribly distasteful “jokes” displaying an utter lack of concern for suffering Americans, a lack of concern born from having never had to miss a meal because of a silver spoon jammed down their throats.

But to AP, one is Fabulous, Dreamy, Can Do No Wrong Mittens of His Dreams™ and the other is… not.

As to Mittens’ “joke”: Fuck you, you smarmy, uncaring, arrogant, spoiled piece of RINO shit, fuck you with a thousand rusty chainsaws dipped in acid, fuck you with a thousand ears of corn studded with nails and every single page of the ClimateGate emails carved into splintered 2x4s.

If you want to run for anything, try to see if you can replace Joe “Choo Choo” Biden as Ogabe’s running mate. At least you could be true to your politics that way. And you do have better hair. We’ll give you that much.


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By Emperor Misha I

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