Guess somebody is disappointed that all of that wonderful Obama Money™ didn’t show up to pay her mortgage and pay her gas:

Opening the handwritten letter from President Obama brought a glimmer of hope to her life as he promised her that things would get better for her and her family.

And despite the fact Destiny Mathis, from Hobart, Indiana, treasured the letter, more than two years later she has no choice but to sell it as she and her three children face eviction from their home.

The 26-year-old was an avid campaigner for Mr Obama in 2008, getting T-shirts made and encouraging people in her neighbourhood to vote.

Awwwww… Don’t despair, darlin’, you can still get some of those wonderful Obama Foodstamps, provided that there are any left now that your messiah has put 45 million Americans on them. Thanks, in part, to your efforts.

You must be so proud.

But at least she’s got that handwritten letter of his:

Out of desperation, the 26-year-old contacted Gary Zimet, president of Moments in Time, who has sold eight handwritten letters from President Obama, along with the actual Schindler’s List and other pieces of American history.

He said that the hand written letters on headed White House stationary are ‘extremely rare’ and he hopes to sell the letter for $11,000.

I’d say sell it now, dammit, because it won’t be worth its weight in rat shit pretty soon, so best to sell it while the sellin’ is good.

No, we don’t feel even a tiny twinge of compassion here. It was thanks to sub-moronic cupid stunts like her that we’re now facing bankruptcy as a nation after their golden calf has racked up more debt in three years than every single administration in the history of our nation combined.

You sowed the wind, bitch, now it’s time for you to reap the motherfucker.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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